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Series in Communication Theory 

Edited by Helmut Bölcskei

Volume 1




Markus E. Gärtner

Space-Time Coding and Multiple Access
in MIMO Fading Channels.
1. edition 2008. XX, 174 pages. EURO 64,00. ISBN 3-86628-181-1



The use of MIMO techniques in wireless systems provides a powerful means to meet future demands of higher spectral efficiency and improved link reliability. We investigate the information-theoretic performance limits as well as practical coding techniques for multiuser MIMO communications in frequency-selective fading channels.

Based on the characterization of the dominant error event regions, we devise rate-dependent space-time/frequency code design criteria for fading MIMO multiple-access channels. It is demonstrated that joint code designs taking the presence of multiple users explicitly into account may be necessary. Our multiuser code design criteria turn out to be optimal with respect to the entire diversity-multiplexing trade-off. Furthermore, we show that the number of receive antennas has a significant impact on the dominant error event regions and hence, plays an important role in the code design criteria.

The use of CDMA is a viable option to accomodate multiple users in a communication system. We identify conditions under which the sum capacity achieved by CDMA equals the ergodic sum capacity of the fading MAC. Moreover, we show in the high- and low-SNR regimes that CDMA is capable of achieving the same outage performance as the fading MAC.

Finally, we establish for Ricean fading MIMO channels the notion of a critical rate, below which communication at zero outage is possible. The critical rate is shown to depend on the geometry of the Ricean and the Rayleigh fading channel components.



Series in Communication Theory

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