ETH Series in Information Security and Cryptography
edited by Ueli Maurer
Volume 10

Vassilis Zikas


Generalized Corruption Models in
Secure Multi-Party Computation

1st edition/ 1. Auflage 2010, 180 pages/Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-86628-338-5


Secure multi-party computation allows a set of parties to perform a joint computation on their private data in a secure way. The security of the computation should be guaranteed even when some parties do not adhere to their protocol. To capture the fact that such parties might even coordinate their actions, we model misbehavior by assuming a central adversary who corrupts parties and uses them to launch an attack on the computation. In this dissertation we concentrate on feasibility of secure computation for different levels of adversarial influence.

The power of the adversary is specified by answering the following three questions: I. how is the set of corruptible players described? (threshold vs. general adversary), II. in which ways can corrupted players misbehave? (corruption types), and III. when is the set of corrupted players chosen? (adaptivity). With respect to these parameters, this dissertation is split in three main parts.

In the first part, secure computation for a general active/passive/fail adversary is considered. In the second part, the corruption types are enriched by considering omission-corruption. For both parts, exact characterizations of tolerable adversaries for all three security levels, i.e., perfect, statistical, and computational security, are proved. Finally, in the third part, an adaptive adversary is considered in the context of Broadcast and it is shown that most existing protocols do not realize the natural Broadcast functionality. Furthermore, techniques are given to resolve the observed issue, and an exact characterization of adversaries tolerable for adaptively secure Broadcast is proved.

Keywords: multi-party computation, corruption models, secure computation, private information retrieval

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ETH Series in Information Security and Cryptography