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Series in Distributed Computing
edited by Roger Wattenhofer
Vol. 1




Aaron Zollinger

Networking Unleashed.
Geographic Routing and
Topology Control
in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks.

1st edition 2005, 214 pages, € 64,00.
ISBN 3-86628-022-X

Ad hoc and sensor networks consist of autonomous devices communicating via radio equipment. Common scenarios for ad hoc networks include survivable, efficient, dynamic communication networks for emergency and rescue operations, disaster relief efforts, and similar tasks where typically no communication infrastructure is present prior to the deployment of the ad hoc network. In sensor networks, nodes are additionally equipped with sensors, performing the task of sensing a certain physical value, such as temperature, humidity, brightness, or motion, and periodically reporting the sensed data to a designated sink node for monitoring purposes.
Since ad hoc and sensor network nodes are generally assumed to be autonomous and operate for a considerable period of time — in case of sensor networks up to several years —, energy conservation is one of the central issues in this research context. On the other hand, many scenarios assume a high degree of dynamics, particularly based on node mobility.
This dissertation discusses two major problem fields in the context of ad hoc and sensor networks. In particular, geographic routing — a local type of routing inherently well suited for dynamic ad hoc networks — is studied with respect to both worst-case and average-case networks. Second, topology control based on transmission power reduction puts the focus on energy conservation as a consequence of restricted interference among the network nodes.

Aaron Zollinger received his M.Sc. degree in computer science (Dipl. Informatik-Ing ETH) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland in 2001. In the same year he joined the Distributed Computing Group of Professor Roger Wattenhofer at ETH Zurich as a Ph.D. student and research assistant. In 2005 he earned his Ph.D. degree for his work on geographic routing and topology control in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks.

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