ETH Series in Information Security and Cryptography
edited by Ueli Maurer
Volume 3

Martin Hirt

Multi-Party Computation:
Efficient Protocols, General Adversaries, and Voting

1st edition/ 1. Auflage 2001, 182 pages/Seiten, 65,45. ISBN 3-89649-747-2

Secure multi-party computation protocols allow a set of players to compute a function of all their inputs in such a way that no player obtains any information about the other players' inputs. For example, two millionaires can find out who is richer, without revealing their respective fortunes to each other. Or the Fortune 500 companies can compute the average of their expenses for corruption, without revealing the concrete numbers.

This primitive is very fundamental in modern cryptography. Almost any distributed protocol can be realized by means of secure multi-party computation. The most notable application are electronic voting, auctioning, private database retrieval, and so on.

In the present work, we analyze and improve the efficiency of multi-party protocols. Furthermore, we unify and strictly generalize the classical results from the literature in various directions. Finally, we consider electronic voting, a special application of secure multi-party protocols, and present a very efficient and modular construction for secure voting protocols.

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ETH Series in Information Security and Cryptography