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edited by   P. A. Besse, J. Brugger, M. Gijs, R. S. Popovic, Ph. Renaud




Vol. 19:

Pontus Linderholm


Two-dimensional Microimpedance

Imaging for Cell Culture Monitoring


1st Edition 2006. XXVIII, 252 p.; € 64,00.
ISBN 3-86628-107-2


Three-dimensional tissue cultures are becoming increasingly prevalent in pharmacological and biomedical research. Measuring the thickness and permeability of in-vitro tissue is, however, wrought with difficulties. In this thesis, Linderholm proposes a low-cost technology, based on planar microelectrodes integrated directly into culture chambers, which allows creating images of the vertical cross-sections of growing tissue. It is shown how this imaging technique can be applied to measuring tissue growth, cell migration and drug-induced permeability changes in the cell membranes. A substantial part of the work is also devoted to calculating the electric field using conformal mapping, and modeling the impedance spectra of four-point measurements.


Pontus Linderholm received his M.Sc in Engineering Biology from the University of Linköping, Sweden, in 2001. He joined the Institute of Microsystems of the EPFL in 2002, where he developed a miniaturized impedance imaging sensor as part of his PhD work. Linderholm has coauthored 10 scientific publications, and currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


Keywords: miniaturized impedance tomography, electrical imaging, cell culture, four-electrode, conformal mapping, microelectrode, BioMEMS.


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