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edited by  P. A. Besse,
J. Brugger,
M. Gijs,
R. S. Popovic,
Ph. Renaud


Vol. 8:

Dragan Manic


Drift in Silicon Integrated Sensors and

Circuits due to Thermo-Mechanical Stresses

2000, 184 pages, € 49,80

ISBN 3-89649-591-7




This book deals with drift problems in integrated sensors (ISs) and circuits (ICs) due to thermo-mechanical stress drift. Using sensitive piezo-resistance and piezo-Hall based test devices thermo-mechanical stress drift is studied. The stress drift is due to plastic or viscoelastic behavior of the materials used in the wafer processing or packaging. For the first time, to our knowledge, Hall elements have been used as the stability test devices. The main advantage of Hall elements is their low temperature cross-sensitivity, which increases the measurement accuracy. The most severe drift caused by the thermo-mechanical stress is observed in plastic packages. For example, the sensitivity drift of the Hall elements packaged in conventional TSSOP and SOP packages after temperature cycling, humidity testing or after reflow soldering is up to 2%. To minimize the effects of the thermo-mechanical stress and increase stability of integrated sensors or circuits performance, some stability strategies are suggested.


Keywords: drift problems, integrated sensors (ISs), integrated circuits (ICs), thermo-mechanical stress drift, stability of ISs or ICs.



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