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January 2013






Association for Researching the History of the Jews in Blankenese

and Erhard Roy Wiehn (Edts.)


Cherries on the Elbe


The Jewish Children's Home in Blankenese


Translated by Judy Grossman

Konstanz 2013; 230 pages, paperback,

EUR 14,80. ISBN 978-3-86628-428-9







George Schwab*

Foreword to the English Edition

The impression one obtains reading Cherries on the Elbe is that the Jewish children's home at the handsome Warburg estate in Hamburg-Blankenese overlooking the Elbe River was established in January 1946. Technically that could be correct because the date coincides with the arrival of the first group of children from the displaced person's camp of Bergen-Belsen. However, when I arrived in Hamburg by train from Neustadt/Holstein's displaced persons' camp in late September or early October 1945, I wandered around aimlessly with a small suitcase at Hamburg's largely destroyed but bustling main railroad terminal (Hauptbahnhof) until the German police picked me up and brought me to the estate which was not an abandoned place. On the contrary, it was inhabited by a lively and variegated bunch of Jewish teenagers and some adults. Most had survived the dreadful acts of barbarism that had been inflicted on them in ghettos, concentration and labor camps that were administered by Germans and their collaborators.

The idyllic setting of the estate, the ample food, the benevolent and sensitive American Joint Distribution Committee together with the British Jewish Relief Unit administrators and teachers mostly from the Jewish Brigade notwithstanding, no one thought that the estate was the final destination. The burning desire of most survivors was to leave the cursed soil of Germany for the ancient homeland of the Jews. That feeling was reinforced by the administrators and teachers who, in addition to teaching Hebrew, impressed the survivors with the rich history of the Jewish people and the geography of the Holy Land. The Sabbath was welcomed by the lighting of candles and the usual prayer preceding the fine meal at the estate's White House. Following it we gathered as we did most evenings for cultural activities that included the singing of Hebrew songs, mostly composed by Jewish settlers in Palestine, and folk-dancing.

Why publish this work in English now? Not only does it depict a slice of life, une tranche de vie, of orphaned Jewish youngsters who had recently been liberated from the abomination brought upon Jews by Germans and their accomplices and were searching for survivors and a new future, albeit one that was bound to bear traces of the shattered past, but it also fills a gap in the story of the survivors. For instance, the portrayal of Blankenese, the confluence of the charitable and humane Warburg family with the American Joint, British Jewish Relief Unit and Jewish Brigade in their endeavours to rehabilitate as much as humanly possible children with destroyed childhoods, is little known. Because of the enormous resources committed to Holocaust studies in the United States, and in view of the fact that English is the lingua franca, this story will have a global reach. Moreover, the timeliness of the translation reflects the need to counter the works of charlatan writers who, out of ignorance or prejudice or malice, deny that the Holocaust ever took place and dismiss eyewitness accounts, documentary evidence, and scholarly research as inventions by Jews and their sympathizers.


 Dr. George Schwab, Professor Emeritus, City University of New York (City College and Graduate Center); President of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy.








Zvi Sohar

Aus der Finsternis zum Licht

Als Junge aus Komarów den Holocaust in Polen

knapp überlebt und nach der Erneuerung

im Kinderheim Hamburg-Blankenese

ein erfülltes Leben in Israel

2012. 126 Seiten. € 14,80.
ISBN 978-3-86628-416-6










English or German/English books in Prof. Wiehn's edition on Shoah & Judaica / Jewish Studies


Dmitry B. Peisakhov u. Erhard Roy Wiehn (Hg.),
Jewish Life in Kiev - A Fotodocumentation. (Introduction German, English, Russian)
1992/93. 200 pages, EUR 18.41. ISBN 3-89191-551-9

Dawid Budnik/Jakow Kaper
Nichts ist vergessen
Jüdische Schicksale in Kiew
Nothing is Forgotten
Jewish Fate in Kiev 1941-1943. (German, English, Russian)
Kiew/Konstanz 1993, 317 pages, EUR 6.14. ISBN 3-89191-666-3

Mirjam Korber, Deportiert -
Jüdische Überlebensschicksale aus Rumänien 1941-1944.
Aus dem Rumänischen und eingeleitet von Andrei Hoisie.
Mit einem Bericht über das Massaker in Jassy 1941 von
Henry L. Eaton: Killed – The Massacre of Yassy 1941
(only this part is in English)
Konstanz 1993, 303 Seiten, EUR 24.54. ISBN 3-89191-617-5

Gretel Baum-Meróm & Rudy Baum,
Kinder aus gutem Hause
Von Frankfurt am Main nach Israel und Amerika
Children of a Respectable Family -
From Frankfurt to Israel and America 1913/15-1995.
(the edition of 1996 is out of stock, the new edition of 2012 is available)
Konstanz 1996, 263 pages, EUR 20.35 .
ISBN 3-89191-813-5



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Gretel Baum-Meróm & Rudy Baum
Kinder aus gutem Hause / Children of a Respectable Family
Von Frankfurt am Main nach Israel und Amerika
From Frankfurt to Israel and America
1913/15-1995. (Deutsch u. Englisch)
First New Edition 2012. 276 Seiten, EUR 19,80.
ISBN 3-86628-401-2  and 978-3-86628-401-2











Jacques Stroumsa,
Violinist in Auschwitz
From Salonica to Jerusalem 1913–1967.
Translated by James Stuart Brice.
Konstanz 1996, 110 pages, photos, € 10,12.
ISBN 3-89191-869-0









Joachim Kalter,
Eine jüdische Odyssee
Von Leipzig nach Polen abgeschoben und deutsche Lager überlebt.
Ein Bericht
A Jewish Odyssey
Deportation from Leipzig to Poland and
Survival in German Camps.
A Report 1938-1946.
Vorwort von / Preface by Edgar Hilsenrath.
Konstanz 1997, 142 Seiten, EUR 16.36.
ISBN 3-89649-161-X

Eitan Porat, Voice of the dead children -
From the Carpathian Mountains via Auschwitz
and Bergen-Belsen to Israel 1928-1996
(English by James Stuart Brice u. Hebrew).
Konstanz 1997, 92/63 (155) pages, 14,32 €. ISBN 3-89649-123-7: Out of stock!

Bernhard Mayer,
Interessante Zeitgenossen
Interesting Contemporaries -
Lebenserinnerungen eines jüdischen Kaufmanns und Weltbürgers 1866-1946.
Memoirs of a Jewish Merchant and Cosmopolitan 1866-1946.
Konstanz 1998, 378 pages, EUR 24.54 €. ISBN 3-89191-888-7

Tutti Jungmann-Bradt
Die Bradts - Jüdische Familiengeschichte aus Berlin 1870-1999
The Bradts - History of a Jewish Family from Berlin 1870-1999
(Englisch von James Stuart Brice).

Konstanz 1999, 130 Seiten, 12,68 €. ISBN 3-89649-392-2


Erhard Roy Wiehn, Ewräi sti Thessaloniki -
Jews in Thessaloniki.
(ins Griechische übertragen von Rudolf Amariglio,
translated into English by James Stuart Brice).
Konstanz 2004, 74 pages (Greec and. English), 12,-- €. ISBN 3-89649-909-2

Jerzy Czarnecki
My Life as an "Aryan"
From Velyki Mosty through Zhovkva to Stralsund

Konstanz 2007, 173 pages, many photos, EUR 14.80 €.
ISBN 3-89649-998-X and 978-3-89649-998-1

Gretel Baum-Meróm

Ich erinnere I remember

Jüdisches Leben in Frankfurt am Main und in Israel – Eine Nachlese
I rememberJewish life in Frankfurt/Main and in Israel.
Second thoughts 1913-1934-2008.
Konstanz 2009, 126 pages. EUR 14.80.
ISBN 3-86628-229-X and 978-3-86628-229-2

Zwi Helmut Steinitz,
As a boy through the hell of the Holocaust –
From Poznań through the Kraków Ghetto,
Płaszów, Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Berlin-Haselhorst,
Sachsenhausen, to Schwerin and over Lübeck,
Neustadt, Bergen-Belsen and Antwerp to Eretz Israel 1927-1946.

Konstanz 2009. 396 pages, EUR 24.80. ISBN 3-86628-250-8; 978-3-86628-250-6




Max Kaufmann

Churbn Lettland

The Destruction of the Jews of Latvia

Foreword by George Schwab

Preface by Paul A. Shapiro

Introduced by Gertrude Schneider

Translated from the German by Laimdota Mazzarins

Edited by Gertrude Schneider and Erhard Roy Wiehn

Konstanz 2010; 296 pages. € 24,00. ISBN 978-3-86628-315-2





9783866283558Konrad Goerg
We Are What We Remember.

Germans, Two Generations after Auschwitz

Voices to Remind Us

In Remembrance of Erwin Katz

Translated by Fritz Voll

Forewords by Horst Eberhard Richter

and by Erhard Roy Wiehn

1st Edition 2010, 116 pages. € 9,95.
ISBN 978-3-86628-342-8 Paperback
Edition 2010 as eBook.
US $ 9.15

on www.amazon.com






Julie und Norbert Baum

Mein lieber Rudolf • My dear Rudolf

Elternbriefe aus Frankfurt am Main
an den emigrierten Sohn in den USA
Parent's letters from Frankfurt/Main
to the emigrated son in the USA 1936–1941.

Bearbeitet von • Revised and translated into English by Gretel Baum-Merom.
Konstanz 2011, 404 Seiten/pages, Fotos/photos. € 24,80.
ISBN 978-3-86628-382-4 & 3-86628-382-2










Israel Aharon Ben Yosef

Judaism as a Festive Way of Life

A Rabbi´s Reflections on Jewish Holidays

Translated from German by Ute Ben Yosef

Edited by Erhard Roy Wiehn

First Edition 2012. 68 pages, EUR 14,80.

ISBN 978-3-86628-442-5










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