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Avital Gasith and Roy Wiehn (Eds.)

On the Future of Water

A Joint Konstanz University – Tel Aviv University

Workshop on Water as a Limited Resource

Tel Aviv, March 24-28, 1996

First Edition 1997. 168 pages, € 16,36. ISBN 3-89649-117-2













Preface: Yoram Dinstein


Opening Remarks

Emanuel Marom

Rudoif Cohen

Dieter Merkle

Kurt Lion


On the Future of Water


1. Avital Gasith and Susan Gillman: Water as a Limited Resource – A GIobai Perspective

2. Arie Issar: A New Conceptual Model for the Management of the Water Resources of Israel and the Palestinian Territories

3. Aharon Zohar: Water-Gate: Water for Peace in the Middle East

4. Tom Berman: Lake Kinneret, Sea of Galilee: Israel's Major Freshwater Reservoir

5. Horst Sund: Environmental Poiicy in Modern Industrial Society with Special Regard to the Protection of Water Resources

6. Meinhard Simon: Water Problems and Research in Germany

7. Reiner Eckmann: International Cooperation in Water Quaiity and Fisheries Management at Lake Constance

8. Hara Eden: Water Problems and Solutions in German Industry

9. Horst Eickmeyer: Wasser- und Abwasserprobleme und deren Bewältigung in deutschen Städten - am Beispiel der Stadt Konstanz

10. Nelly Icekson: Wastewater Treatment and Groundwater Recharge for Reuse in Agriculture - Dan Region Reclamation Project

11. Avner Adin: Some Applications of Particle Size Analysis to Direct Effluent Filtration

12. Günter Markus: A Survey of German-Israeli Cooperation in Scientific Research and Technological Development and an Outlook on Joint Ventures in Water Technologies

13. Erhard Roy Wiehn: Wasser in der Bibel


Afterword: Erhard Roy Wiehn


Program of the Workshop

Bericht über den Workshop




The contents of the Edition Shoáh & Judaica / Jewish Studies of Erhard Roy Wiehn

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