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June 2018






Hans-Hermann Seiffert


A Jewish Woman from Sehnde Comes Back


Gerda Rose Survives the Death Camps Jungfernhof,

Kaiserwald and Stutthof, as well as the Death March


1st Edition 2018, 170 pages, hardcover € 24,80;
ISBN 978-3-86628-611-5














Part of the Welcoming Speech by the Mayor of Sehnde



Gerda Rose was born in Sehnde in her parents’ home. The Rose family operated a business in Mittelstraße and was – just like the other Jewish citizens – supposedly integrated in Sehnde.


That is, until the time that completely “normal” men and women next-door – here in Sehnde too – lost, betrayed and sold their humanity, their conscience and their morality. The memory of the Holocaust continues to be an issue for all citizens. It is also part of the history of our city, in which we regularly pass houses from which Jews were deported and intentionally sent to their destruction.


The former German Federal President, Roman Herzog warned us a few years ago: “Remembering must not end; it must sound an alarm for future generations too. That’s why it’s important to find a form of memorializing these events that have a connection to the future. It should express mourning about the suffering and loss, be dedicated to commemorating the victims and counteracting any sign of repeating itself.


I thank Frau Gerda Wasserman for her courage in describing her fate and I thank Herr Hans-Hermann Seiffert for his work in putting together this book, which will help us in never forgetting what happened.


Carl Jürgen Lehrke

Mayor of the City of Sehnde



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Hans-Hermann Seiffert

Eine Sehnder Jüdin kommt zurück

Gerda Rose überlebt die NS-Todeslager

Jungfernhof, Kaiserwald und Stutthof

sowie den Todesmarsch

1. Aufl. 2016, 128 Seiten, zahlr. farb. Abb. und Dokumente.

EUR 19,80. ISBN 978-3-86628-568-2



Hans-Hermann Seiffert,

Johanna Hammel

Der Weg einer Jüdin aus Konstanz
durch Gurs nach Auschwitz-Birkenau.
1. Aufl. 2011, 104 Seiten,
zahlreiche Fotos und Dokumente. € 14,80.
Herausgegeben von Erhard Roy Wiehn
ISBN 978-3-86628-358-9 u. 3-86628-358-X



Hans-Hermann Seiffert

„Meine geliebten Kinder!

Die Briefe der Konstanzer Jüdin Hella Schwarzhaupt aus

der Internierung in Gurs und Récébédou an ihre Kinder

1. Aufl. 2013, 138 Seiten, zahlr. Fotos und Dokumente.

EUR 19,80. ISBN 978-3-86628-486-9


Übersetzt in Englisch:


Hans-Hermann Seiffert

“My Beloved Children!”

Letters of Hella Schwarzhaupt to Her Children from

Internment in Camps Gurs and Récébédou

1st Edition 2015. 128 pages, many phots and documents.

€ 19,80. ISBN 978-3-86628-521-7



Hans-Hermann Seiffert
In Argentinien gerettet -
in Auschwitz ermordet.
Die Schicksale der jüdischen Familien Salomon Guggenheim aus Konstanz und Abraham Guggenheim aus Donaueschingen 1933-1942.
Konstanz 1. Aufl. 2010, 114 Seiten, zahlreiche Fotos und Dokumente. € 14,80.
Herausgegeben von Erhard Roy Wiehn
ISBN 978-3-86628-312-1 u. 3-86628-312-1




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