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Claudia Strümpel


Application of Erbium-Doped

to Silicon Solar Cells


Konstanz 2008, 144 pages/Seiten; EUR 128,00.
ISBN-10:   3-86628-201-X

ISBN-13:   978-3-86628-201-8





This work describes the characterization of erbium-doped up-converters and their application to silicon solar cells. An up-converter applied to the rear of a bifacial solar cell leads to a spectral response beyond the absorption range of the conventional silicon solar cell by converting transmitted - and therefore unused - parts of the solar spectrum into light acceptable by the solar cell. Four different kinds of erbium doped host materials are investigated and compared concerning their optical and conversion properties and their suitability for the application to silicon solar cells: barium chloride (BaCl2), yttrium oxide (Y2O3), sodium yttrium fluoride (NaYF4) and a commercial up-conversion powder (IRUCG), also consisting of sodium yttrium fluoride, but co-doped with ytterbium and erbium.


Keywords: Up-Conversion, solar spectrum modification, bifacial silicon solar cell, erbium, barium chloride, sodium yttrium fluoride, spectral response, erbium ions, doped materials, optical properties, ytterbium ions, absorption, photoluminescence, x-ray spectra


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