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Vol. 1: Xuejia Lai,

On the Design and Security of Block Ciphers.

ISBN 3-89191-573-X


Vol. 2: Fredy D. Neeser,

Communication Theory and Coding for Channels with Intersymbol Interference.

ISBN 3-89191-744-9


Vol. 3: Alain P. L. Hiltgen,

Cryptographically Relevant Contributions to Combinational Complexity Theory.

ISBN 3-89191-745-7


Vol. 4: Marcel Rupf,
Coding for CDMA Channels and Capacity.
ISBN 3-89191-750-3


Vol. 5: Felix Tarköy,
A Pragmatic Approach to Code-Division Multiple-Access Communications.
ISBN 3-89191-829-1


Vol. 6: Jürg Ganz,
Algebraic Complexity in Finite Fields.
ISBN 3-89191-851-8


Vol. 7: Carlo Harpes,
Cryptanalysis of Iterated Block Ciphers.
ISBN 3-89649-079-6


Vol. 8: Christian P. Waldvogel,
On the Nature of Authentication Protocols.
ISBN 3-89649-168-7


Vol. 9: Andreas Poncet,
Design and Adaptive Models for System Identification, Signal Prediction, and Pattern Classification.
ISBN 3-89649-233-0


Vol. 10: Urs Loher,
Information-Theoretic and Genie-Aided Analyses of Random-Access Algorithms.
ISBN 3-89649-377-9


Vol. 11: Gerhard Kramer,
Directed Information for Channels with Feedback.
ISBN 3-89649-379-5


Vol. 12: Jossy Sayir,
On Coding by Probability Transformation.
ISBN 3-89649-444-9


Vol. 13: Zsolt Kukorelly,
On the Validity of Certain Hypotheses Used in Linear Cryptanalysis.
ISBN 3-89649-470-8


Vol. 14: Richard J. De Moliner,

On the Statistical Testing of Block Ciphers.

ISBN 3-89649-489-9


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