Series in Microelectronics

edited by        Wolfgang Fichtner
                        Qiuting Huang
                        Heinz Jäckel
                        Gerhard Tröster
                        Bernd Witzigmann

Vol. 191

Verónica J. Berdinas Torres,
Exposure Systems and Dosimetry of Large-Scale In Vivo Studies.
2007, 180 pages. € 64,00. ISBN 3-86628-180-3

This thesis provides guidelines to perform high quality dosimetry of large-scale in vivo studies and exposure systems. In this work, relevant parameters for the comparison of animal studies are identified. A universally applicable method to obtain comprehensive and detailed dosimetric information for in vivo experiments is developed and applied to a number of systems exposing animals to radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, under different exposure conditions: plane wave, standing wave and reverberating environment. The use of this methodology improves the quality of the RF in vivo experiments, enhances the relevance of their results and allows their replication.



Keywords: Elektromagnetische Felder, Dosimetrie, Spezifische Absorptionsrate (SAR), Bestrahlungseinrichtung, Radiofrequenz, SAR Unsicherheit, SAR Variationen, Mobiltelefon, Modenverwirbelungskammer

Series in Microelectronics

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