Physik in hohen Magnetfeldern
Herausgegeben von Peter Wyder

Band 1: Jan Jacob Koning,
A far Infrared Fabry-Pérot Interferometer for Multiple Reflection Spectroscopy on Heavy Fermion Metals in High Magnetic Fields.
ISBN 3-89191-989-1

Band 2: Martin Seck,
High Field Electron Spin Resonance and Overhauser Shift in GaAs.
ISBN 3-89649-125-3

Band 3: Claudius Hartmann,
Magnetooptical Study of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas by Electron-Bound Hole Recombination.
ISBN 3-89649-129-6

Band 4: Hans-Peter Moll,
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance with Far Infrared Techniques in High Magnetic Fields.
ISBN 3-89649-135-0

Band 5: Robert Kratz,
Construction of Pulsed Magnets.
ISBN 3-89649-134-2

Band 6: Oliver Tress,
Magnetopolarons and Magnetoconductivity of Two-Dimensional Surface Electrons (SE) on the Surface of Bulk Helium and Helium Films.
ISBN 3-89649-182-2

Band 7: Nikolai Gauss,
Hall Effect and Resistance.
ISBN 3-89649-213-6

Band 8: Andreas Neumann,
Electronic Transport in Highly Resistive Materials in Strong Magnetic Fields: Nonlinear Dynamics in Semi-Insulating GaAs and Magneto-resistance of Carbon-Black Polymer Composites.
ISBN 3-89649-214-4

Band 9: Martin Primke,
Electron Focusing: Imaging of Anisotropic Carrier Propagation in Metallic Single Crystals.
ISBN 3-89649-217-9

Band 10: Arthur Schüssler,
High-Electric-Field Electron Transport in Liquid Xenon.
ISBN 3-89649-296-9

Band 11: Nguyen Le Hang,
de Haas-van Alphen Effect in a Low-Dimensional Organic Super-conductor and Boro-carbide Superconductors.
ISBN 3-89649-319-1

Band 12: Frank Penning,
Cyclotron-Resonance-Induced Conductivity and Absorption in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems on Liquid Helium.
ISBN 3-89649-345-0

Band 13: Maxim Tsoi,
Conduction Electrons, Surfaces & Interfaces.
ISBN 3-89649-346-9

Band 14: Andreas Böhm,
Imaging of Light Induced Carrier Transport.
ISBN 3-89649-510-0

Band 15: Herbert Dieter Weiß,
Fermi Surface Studies on the Organic Superconductor k-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br and on the Alkaline Earth Subnitride NaBa3N by means of Magneto-Quantum Oscillations.
2001, 136 Seiten, 50,11. ISBN 3-89649-660-3

Band 16: Anja Sparenberg,
Photonic Magneto-Transport.
2001, 156 Seiten, 50,11. ISBN 3-89649-733-2

Band 17: Ernst Raupach,
The magneto-chiral Anisotropy.
2002, 124 Seiten, 49,90. ISBN 3-89649-769-3

Band 18: Roland Schleser,
Magnetostrictive, magnetic, and transport properties of correlated electron systems.
2002, 128 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-774-X

Band 19: Yuriy Pershin,
Transport in Low-Dimensional Systems under Strong Fields.
2002, 134 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-780-4

Band 20: Andreas Gröger,
Experimentelle Studien an Supraleitern in hohen Magnetfeldern.
Experimental Studies on Superconductors in High Magnetic Fields.
2002, 156 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-783-9

Band 21: Jörg Hinderer,
Magnetic domains with non-spin origin Condon domains.
2002, 98 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-812-6

Band 22: Pavel Grigoriev,
Magnetic quantum oscillations in quasi-two-dimensional metals.
2002, 136 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-817-7

Band 23: Georg Düchs,
Scattering of Photons and Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Magnetic Fields.
2003, 118 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-883-5

Band 24: Ekkehard Teske,
Coulomb effects in magnetotransport of a nondegenerate
two-dimensional electron system.

2004, 162 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-930-0

Band 25: Cornelius Strohm
Magneto-transverse Phonon Transport.
2004, 78 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-947-5

Band 26: Markus Weiss
Quantum Hall effect in a strongly disordered system.
2004, 102 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-962-9

Band 27: Clemens Koerdt
Magneto-Spatial Dispersion Phenomena.
Photonic Band Gaps and Chirality in Magneto-Optics.
2004, 104 Seiten, 64,00. ISBN 3-89649-963-7

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