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Series in Quantum Electronics
edited by
Henry Baltes, Peter Günter, Ursula Keller,
Fritz K. Kneubühl †, Walter Lukosz,
Hans Melchior, Markus W. Sigrist

Vol. 37



Edith Innerhofer,

High Average Power Yb:YAG
Thin Disk Laser and its Application
for An RGB Laser Source

1st edition 2005. 130 pages, € 64,00. ISBN 3-86628-010-6

Femtosecond lasers with high average output powers are attractive sources for applications such as nonlinear wavelength conversion. This thesis reports on the development of a mode-locked Yb:YAG thin disk laser delivering femtosecond pulses with unprecedented average power. This laser is based on the concept of a passively mode-locked thin disk laser, a combination of a thin disk laser head and a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM). The thin disk concept employs a sophisticated geometry of the gain medium that allows for high power laser operation with diffraction-limited beam quality. The SESAM on its part offers unique freedom in the design of important absorber parameters for stable and reliable passive mode locking. Tunable pulse durations from 6-24 ps with an average power of up to 60 W at 34 MHz and a modified laser setup delivering 80 W of average power in 705 fs pulses at 57 MHz are demonstrated. A practical red-green-blue (RGB) laser system based on the high power femtosecond Yb:YAG thin disk laser and subsequent frequency conversion stages is experimentally demonstrated and numerically analyzed. This system presents, compared to previously demonstrated systems, some significant advances in terms of simplicity and practicability and simultaneously generates record-high average powers of 8 W at 603 nm, 23 W at 515 nm and 10.1 W at 450 nm. Additionally nonlinear experiments discussed in this thesis are external fiber compression in a microstructured fiber, a fiber-feedback optical parametric oscillator and room temperature optical parametric generation based on periodically poled MgO-doped LiTaO3.

Edith Innerhofer received her diploma degree in experimental physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where she joined the Institute of Quantum Electronics in January 2001. Her research focused on passively mode-locked thin disk lasers with high average output power and femtosecond pulse durations and on their applications for nonlinear optical experiments. She has written and co-authored more than 25 scientific journal articles and conference contributions.

Series in Quantum Electronics

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